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This site does not collect personal data and uses temporary session cookies for the express purpose of maintaining a login session.

Site Security

This site is protected by Active Server Page (ASP) technology. This forces an initial username / password login and maintains site security through the use of session cookies. If a login has been idle for 20 minutes, the session will time-out and a new login will be required.

Note that this security applies only to actual web pages (*.asp) within the site and it does not apply to any other type of document, e.g. PowerPoint (*.ppt), Word (*.doc) or Adobe Acrobat files (*.pdf). Anyone who types an URL into their browser address bar with the complete site directory and filename would be able to download the file.

However, the likelihood of anyone knowing the specific URL of any individual file is remote and the site has been set such that search engine "webbots" will not be allowed access and thus will not catalog the site.