Project Structure

Project structure for the first preparatory phase of HiPER:

Task No Descriptive Title Short description and specific objectives of the task
PP1 Management of the Preparatory Phase Contract Overall management of the Preparatory Phase Project including cooperative agreements, governance, finance, and legal structures and reviews.
PP2 Modelling and Science Support Develop Europe-wide integrated code capability for end to end modelling of target interaction physics on the HiPER facility.  Perform Fast Ignition and non-fusion theory and modelling in support of the facility design specifications and experiment planning.
PP3 Science Infrastructure Develop European and International science community support infrastructures for ‘hub-and-spoke’ operations. Generate Requirement Specifications for the targets, facilities, and diagnostics for HiPER experiments.
PP4 Integrated Experiments and Facility Requirements Generate and perform integrated experimental investigations with current and projected European and International Facilities.  Perform Fast Ignition and non-fusion experiments to confirm physics and design parameters for HiPER.
PP5 Facility Baseline Design Requirements Generate specifications and costs of the Baseline Facility Design, coordinate design development and technology transfer from existing and projected International facility designs.
PP6 Laser Design Options Investigate design options for compression and ignition laser designs, DPSSL designs for demonstration beam lines, probe beams, OPCPA beam lines
PP7 Target Delivery Generate Design Specifications and develop capability for the targets and diagnostics for the initial experiments on the facility
PP8 Target Area Design Produce Target chamber(s) and shielding designs, costs, and specifications for the initial experimental programme.
PP9 Fusion Technology Produce first wall, shielding, and radiation handling designs, costs, and specifications for the initial experimental programme
PP10 Experiment Diagnostics and Data Handling Design and develop diagnostic instruments and the associated diagnostic data handling architecture, hardware, data structures, and software
PP11 Component Sourcing Development of component resource capability in industry for critical materials, techniques, and processes
PP12 Building and Infrastructure Design, Operations Generate requirement specifications and detailed designs for the facility buildings and physical infrastructure support. Perform surveys and characterisation of proposed sites including support, infrastructure, location, logistics, recruitment, etc,
PP13 System Engineering, Analysis & Integrated Systems Modelling Produce Overall System Design and integration models, develop Life Cycle Cost, Performance, CAIV, and Risk Analysis Models for the construction and operation of the facility. 
PP14 HiPER Project Plan Produce the Project Plan and Cost Estimates for the detailed design and construction and operation of HiPER including the legal and administrative structures needed.