HiPER Launch Event

A prestigious launch event is planned to mark the start of the HiPER Preparatory Phase Project.  To be held at the Science Museum in London on 6th October 2008, this will comprise a plenary session in the IMAX theatre (in the afternoon) and a celebration reception and dinner (in the evening). 

The launch will be hosted by Prof Mike Dunne (project leader) and Prof John Wood (International steering committee). 

The opening address will be by Ian Pearson MP (UK Minister of State for Science and Innovation). Other speakers include Prof Vlastimil Ruzicka (Vice Minister, Czech Republic) and Prof Steve Cowley (UKAEA Culham).  The event will include representatives from each of the 25 institutions across 10 nations that are participating in the HiPER project.  In the evening, Prof John Beddington (UK Chief Scientific Advisor) will give an after-dinner speech.

For more detail, please read the programme. Attendance is by invitation only.

The first meeting of the Participant's Forum will be held the following day on October 7th in London. Attendance is by invitation only. Please see the attached agenda.

For more information about the event, or to request attendance, please contact the HiPER team.