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December 6th 2007
Lasers point way to clean energy - Laser fusion Magnetic fusion has long been heralded as the future of renewable energy, but could it be lasers that hold the key?
September 17th 2007
Nuclear fusion generation has a future in Europe - The need to power up the world using a safe and clean method has prompted scientists to get to the bottom of things. Enter a British-led team of researchers who may have found the answer with the HiPER (High Power laser Energy Research facility) project. The EU is providing up to EUR 3 million in funding for the first part of the Preparatory Phase project — the majority of which will be co-funded by national funding agencies. The team will conduct research into laser-based nuclear fusion, which produces no carbon dioxide — the greenhouse gas that has been warming Earth — and does not result in large stores of long-lived highly radioactive waste. Experts believe that commercial fusion could be economically beneficial for everyone.
September 9th 2007
Hunting the holy grail of fusion - Last week a British initiative was agreed to unlock limitless energy. Can it work?
September 6th 2007
Nuclear fusion project gets the green light
Reproducing the power of the sun on Earth is no easy task, but an international team of physicists based in Europe is now preparing to give it a go.

Laser fusion project wins EU go-ahead
The European Commission has backed a $1 bn project that aims to achieve nuclear fusion using what will be the world's most powerful laser.


September 4th 2007


September 3rd 2007
Times Online - Green light for fusion project
A British-led team of scientists has won European Union approval to seek to make nuclear fusion, the physicist's dream, a reality.
-- article by Mark Henderson, Science Editor

Times Online - Harnessing the Sun
The Holy Grail of nuclear fusion may soon be within reach
-- leading article


August 1st 2007
Laser Focus World - Europeans HiPER about laser fusion
A European program called HiPER (high-power laser-energy-research facility) aims to develop laser-fusion technology to a point where it is commercially attractive for powerplant use. In the program, researchers will develop the “fast ignition” fusion process, which requires a smaller laser than conventional laser-fusion approaches and which should significantly ease tolerances on both the laser and the fuel-containing capsules.

June 12th 2007
Hiper Enters Prep Phase
OXFORDSHIRE, England, June 12, 2022
The proposed European High Power Laser Energy Research (Hiper) facility - a device intended to demonstrate the feasibility of laser-driven fusion as an energy source - is entering the preparation phase after completion of a two-year study by an international team of scientists.

June 6th 2007
Laser vision fuels energy future - When the first lasers were developed in the 1960s they were described as "a solution looking for a problem." Today, the beams of light are ubiquitous, crammed into everything from CD players and phone networks to supermarket checkouts and research laboratories.

May 30th 2007
Commercial fusion energy is potentially the answer
Science correspondent James Randerson talks about an attempt to build a laser fusion reactor. If successful it could lead to cleaner energy supplies and even solve climate change but any commercial development is thought to be decades away. (4min 5s)

Guardian PodCast - Laser fusion.mp3 (note: 3.74MB)

May 30th 2007
Laser fusion - the safe, clean way to produce nuclear energy
A multinational project led by British researchers aims to use a high-power laser to reproduce the physical reaction that occurs at the heart of the sun and every other star in the universe - nuclear fusion. If the project succeeds it has the potential to solve the world energy crisis without destroying the environment.

April 23rd 2007
Science Weekly
It's the universe's favourite form of energy, it's green and it's not owned by Saudi Arabia. Ed Gerstner of the journal Nature Physics joins the podders to discuss whether laser fusion is the answer to the looming world energy crisis ( along with Prof Bob Bingham and Prof Mike Dunne from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ).

Guardian PodCast - Laser fusion.mp3 (note: 2MB)

April 19th 2007
Nuclear fusion: Firing new shots
WHEN lasers were invented in the 1960s they were little more than an exotic curiosity—a solution looking for something to solve. Now that lasers are found in everything from telephone cables to DVD players to the humble laser pointer, they have become almost prosaic.

April 6th 2007
Memorandum of understanding between HiPER, ELI and PETAL/ILP
Christine Labaune representing PETAL/ILP (center), Mike Dunne representing HiPER (left) and Gérard Mourou representing ELI (right) signed a Memorundum of Understanding laying the will to share the ELI, HiPER, PETAL/ILP respective efforts and knowledge to solve the different technical and administrative issues of their forthcoming European Preparatory Phases.

April 2nd 2007
Clean power is coming soon, scientists believe
By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph - British scientists are involved in a £500 million project to achieve the "holy grail" of nuclear power research.

February 1st 2007
The Material World
In January 2006, NASA’s Stardust mission to collect samples of dust from a comet over 400 million kilometres away, returned to Earth with its precious cargo. Over the last year scientists from all over the world have been analysing the tiny grains of dust which have been untouched since the solar system formed billions of years ago.

January 29th 2007
CCLRC endorses HiPER project
CCLRC has endorsed a submission to the European Commission in which the UK will take the coordinating, lead role in a 3-year project to prepare the case for construction of the proposed HiPER laser facility.

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