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HiPER Publications


June 2012

HiPER to Expand Europe’s Role in Laser-Driven Nuclear Fusion Technology
In November 2010, the US’ National Ignition Facility fired the first shot toward a clean energy future. And Europe’s HiPER project will answer the call to arms...
February 2012

HiPER Participants Forum & HiPER fellow meeting
The 5th HiPER Participant’s Forum took place on 2nd February 2012 in Bordeaux, France.....
September 9th 2011

UK joins laser nuclear fusion project
The UK has formally joined forces with a US laser lab in a bid to develop clean energy from nuclear fusion.......
August 2011
July 2011

Laserlab Logo

HiPER article in Laserlab newsletter
July 2011 edition of Laserlab Forum
July 2011

Laser Energy featured on BBC One programme ‘Bang goes the Theory’
The BBC One programme celebrated the 50th anniversary of the laser by visiting the Central Laser Facility and discussing the prospect of using high powered lasers to generate electricity...
April 2011

HiPER Workshop at the SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics conference
A HiPER workshop took place during the SPIE optics and optoelectronics conference that was held in Prague in April 2011. The HiPER event was scheduled on Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st April 11 and consisted of a project update and a series of technical talks showcasing progress made by the team. The official workshop proceedings can be found here
January 2011

Laserlab Logo

HiPER article in the Laserlab Newsletter
January 2011 edition of Laserlab Forum.......

December 2010

BBC One - How science changed our world
The laser features as one of Robert Winston’s top ten scientific breakthroughs of the last 50 years. Discover his thoughts on the prospect of laser fusion following his visit to the National Ignition Facility........
November 4th 2010

HiPER at the Creativity Workshop in Florence
The National Institute of Optics of the CNR presented HiPER at the Creativity Festival which was held in Florence on 21st-24th October 2010......
July 20th 2010

Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum Newsletter
HiPER Laser, the new approach to fusion energy......
June 24th 2010

3rd European Target Fabrication Workshop
You are invited to the 3rd European Target Fabrication Workshop. If you would like to submit an abstract to be considered for an oral presentation, please contact by 16th July 2010......
June 23rd 2010

LULI Call for Proposals
Deadline 15th August 2010.....
June 3rd 2010

Participant's Forum and Fellows Meeting
Members of the HiPER community gathered on 3rd and 4th March 2010 for the 3rd Participants’ Forum and the 1st Fellows Meeting, which was held in Prague.....
May 10th 2010

Video: Mike Dunne on HiPER and the quest for fusion energy
We are at a golden age of laser development and exploitation -- seeing rapid enhancement of capability into ever higher powers and ever shorter pulses, and the emergence of a wide range of applications......
April 30th 2010

Fusion's bright new dawn
As we celebrate 50 years of the laser, a milestone looms in the world of laser fusion. Mike Dunne describes how achieving ignition – fusion’s break-even point – with the world’s largest laser will transform the search for abundant, carbon-free electricity......
April 26th 2010

Laser and fusion, the perfect alliance?
Access to clean and inexhaustible energy is no longer a mirage. This is the message being proclaimed by the supporters of nuclear fusion, delighted to see the prominence being given on the scientific scene to the ambitious HiPER (High Power laser Energy Research facility) project......
March 18th 2010

Russian Researchers visit to discuss HiPER development
On 15-16th March 2010, the HiPER team met with a group of 18 Russian researchers from a large number of institutes in the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Rosatom nuclear research centres, as well as representatives of Russian industry and universities.....
March 13th 2010

Laser fusion - demo plant within sight
Fusion is the holy grail of power generation. It's been a promise for decades, but has never arrived. The latest method shows promise. Lasers are used to concentrate isotopes of hydrogen. The pressures and densities achieved are close to what occurs in the sun. Mass becomes energy. A demonstration plant at the National Ignition Facility in California is expected to be running in 2 years time. If successful it would produce limitless clean electricity.....
February 18th 2010

HiPER Response to the UK Fusion Review
An opportunity 'to shape a future global collaboration'....
February 11th 2010

One Planet
Albert Einstein, James Bond and the Vulcans - well one at least - are all hot topics on this week's show as Mike heads to the UK's Central Laser Facility to find out whether laser fusion is going to help us meet our future energy needs....
February 3rd 2010

Test Shots Show Laser-Fusion Experiment Is on Target
In a study published online this week by Science, researchers at the National Ignition Facility, a huge laser for nuclear fusion experiments at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, describe their first experiments using all 192 of the facility's beams on test targets empty of fuel....

There are 3 versions of this paper available:
January 30th 2010

Scientists creating mini-sun on Earth in clean energy breakthrough
Scientists are creating a mini-sun on Earth in a breakthrough that could provide an endless supply of cheap, clean energy......
January 28th 2010

Laser fusion test results raise energy hopes
A major hurdle to producing fusion energy using lasers has been swept aside, results in a new report show.

The controlled fusion of atoms - creating conditions like those in our Sun - has long been touted as a possible revolutionary energy source.....
January 15th 2010
R&D - Nuclear fusion may be worth the long wait
Capturing the sun’s energy, by redirecting solar heat or using photovoltaic devices, is one of the most active fields of research. An entirely different approach is to recreate on Earth the nuclear fusion that powers the Sun......
December 11th 2009
All the power of the sun
Climate sceptic or zealous convert, few people can argue that mankind has to reliquish its dependence on fossil fuels (no, really we do)......
December 3rd 2009
Laser fusion gets HiPERactive
These are exciting times for laser fusion. In the next couple of years, the US National Ignition Facility (NIF) should reach “ignition” — the point at which a fusion device starts to kick out more energy than it takes in. But what happens after that?.....
November 25th 2009
Participation in PhD Open Day at Culham
Representatives of the HiPER project took part in an open day designed to attract young scientists to embark on PhD's in fusion science......
November 20th 2009
Institution of Civil Engineers highlights potential of fusion energy
On 20th November The Institution of Civil Engineers released its “State of the Nation” report on Low Carbon Infrastructure, with Fusion Energy featuring in the report for the first time.
October 29th 2009
HiPER gears up for engagement with industry
Through October members of the HiPER team accelerated efforts to engage with industry – a key step in moving the project forward.....
October 2nd 2009
HiPER - the other way to fusion energy
There are two ways to achieve fusion on Earth. In "magnetic fusion", strong magnetic fields confine a tenuous plasma inside a vacuum vessel. By way of various heating techniques, this plasma is brought to the temperature at which fusion reactions can occur. This is a path that was chosen half a century ago to pursue industrial production of electricity — magnetic fusion is what ITER and all tokamaks are about.....
September 2nd 2009
Research Council's Energy Programme: Review of Fusion Energy Research
The EPSRC and STFC have established a project to carry out a full review of the UK fusion for energy programme. The review will take place over the coming months and will be completed by December 2009....

Your views are sought for the consultation exercise.
September 2nd 2009
Die Sonne auf Erden
Europäische Physiker wollen mit Laserstrahlen endlich die Kernfusion schaffen. Aber zuvor müssen viele Hindernisse überwunden werden.
August 26th 2009 logo
HiPER Power
Nuclear fusion, the reaction that burns at the centre of the Sun, could provide safe, carbon free energy and solve the global energy crisis. The catch? Nobody’s quite worked out the finer detail of how to tame fusion reactions here on Earth.......
May 28th 2009
Europe's big lasers: the exawatt roadmap
Researchers and industry will need to work closely together if Europe is to maximize the returns on its investment in a planned new generation of high-power laser facilities being built over the next decade......
May 28th 2009
California fires up laser fusion machine
Success at National Ignition Facility could pave the way for commercial laser fusion power stations and provide a solution to world energy crisis.....
May 14th 2009
A significant decision for HiPER
A significant milestone in the HiPER project occurred on 5th March in INFN (Frascati) when the HiPER Executive Board took the unanimous decision that HiPER should operate at high repetition rate – consistent with the requirements of a future fusion reactor......
May 13th 2009
International School of Quantum Electronics
46th Course
Atoms & plasmas in super intense laser fields
Erice-Sicily: 10 - 16 July 2022
May 11th 2009
April 29th 2009
Big lasers, big science, big questions
Caryl Richards reports from Prague on Europe's plans for petawatt lasers and beyond....
April 14th 2009
Preparing Scientists for a fusion-powered future
A pioneering new course at the University of York will train scientists whose work could pave the way for a world powered by limitless energy......
April 1st 2009
Experiment to advance fusion hopes
Dr Kate Lancaster, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, says fusion is the holy grail of physics....
March 31st 2009
World’s biggest laser powers up
Physicists are on the verge of demonstrating perhaps the ultimate application of the laser: creating nuclear fusion in the lab.....
March 31st 2009
Giant Laser Experiment Powers Up
The US has finished constructing a huge physics experiment aimed at recreating conditions at the heart of our Sun.
March 15th 2009
Lasers to create mini sun in hunt for clean energy
Physicists hope to develop the first form of nuclear fusion technology by firing laser beams at a pellet of hydrogen
February 17th 2009
Horizon 2008-2009 - Can we make a star on Earth?
The BBC Horizon programme looks into how scientists and engineers are tackling the greatest challenge - making fusion power. BBC iPlayer (programme may have limited availability)
February 16th 2009
How to build a star on Earth
Physicist Professor Brian Cox has looked at the different strategies now being pursued to make nuclear fusion a reality. His personal assessment is presented on the BBC's Horizon programme......
February 6th 2009
A Europa vai "HiPER"
No passado dia 6 de outubro, mais de duzentos cientistas e políticos de dez países Europeus e dos estados unidos - incluindo três cientistas de Portugal.....
January 29th 2009
Science - So What? Science: So we can help save the planet - 1. So Laser Fusion
The holy grail of nuclear research has long been the ‘fusion’ reactor. It uses the power that drives the sun, so we know it works, but scientists have yet to replicate the process on Earth.....