Scientists from many countries have worked together over the past few years to develop the HiPER facility proposed design and a detailed project delivery plan. There are a number of intermediate-scale laser facilities emerging which will inform the detailed design choices: including FIREX in Japan, OMEGA–EP in the USA, the PETAL facility in France, and a host of high power laser systems across Europe. When constructed, HiPER will be unique in the world, representing the next logical step from the above facilities towards a demonstration inertial fusion reactor. The estimated timeframe is shown below with the facility expected to be built in the early 2020s

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Based on the conceptual design work carried out from 2004 – 2007, it was calculated that the construction cost of the facility would be 800M Euro (based on current laser technology). The Preparatory Phase Project has been designed to assess the technology options and the associated impact, cost and feasibility for future construction of the facility. The Preparatory Phase Project formally started on 28th April 2008 and will last for 3 years.