The Preparatory phase work plan

The 3-year timing of the preparatory phase mirrors the expected timescale for demonstrating fusion energy production in the laboratory (anticipated between 2009 and 2012 on the National Ignition Facility, USA).

The PP work plan has been divided into the following work packages which represent the managerial, financial, legal, strategic and technical aspects of a project of this scale.

These work packages are

WP1                            Management of the Preparatory phase project
WP2                            Attendance of HiPER meetings
WP3                            Legal and Governance Frameworks
WP4                            Strategy for International, Industrial and Academic Partnerships
WP5                            Financial Planning and Site issues
WP6                            Impact Analysis into future options for HiPER
WP7                            Public Relations and Communications
WP8                            Safety, Environmental analysis and fusion technology
WP9                            Requirements Analysis for Fusion programme
WP10                          Fusion experimental programme
WP11                          Fusion target delivery
WP12                          Fundamental Science programme
WP13                          Laser Facility design - single shot
WP14                          Laser Facility design - rep rate
WP15                          Increased rep-rate target area design