High Power laser for Energy Research will be a large scale laser system designed to demonstrate significant energy production from inertial fusion, whilst supporting a broad base of high power laser interaction science. This is made feasible by the advent of a revolutionary approach to laser-driven fusion known as ' Fast Ignition'. HiPER will use a unique laser configuration, currently estimated at 200kJ long pulse laser combined with a 70kJ short pulse laser. These are the estimated parameters of the system required to assemble the fusion fuel to an appropriate density and to ignite the fuel and induce a propagating burn wave to yield high gain.

icon The HiPER proposal will provide a flagship civilian laser facility for Europe, supported by a wide range of existing national laser facilities. icon

It would be by its very nature a unique configuration, broadly-based user facility and thus would rely on a large number of investigators, post-doctoral researchers and their corresponding student population. Increased industrial involvement and technology transfer would come as a natural process in the design, construction, and operation of the facility. Experience with other international laser facilities has demonstrated that they are a rich source of talent, feeding their respective communities.

HiPER was accepted onto the European (ESFRI) roadmap of future research infrastructures in October 2006